Flea Market


Successful Fall Flea Market

 $5891.50 has been turned in to Jennifer Zvokel and the BHI

Foundation for the Hoosier Village Flea Market Fund.  

Four bicycles, 2 Christmas trees, 2 sewing machines, a couple electric recliners, sofas, other furniture, pots, pans, silverware and dishes, rugs, linens, candles, cleaning supplies, and lots of other “pretties and practical's” found new homes over the weekend at the Fall Flea Market. 

It was a beautiful fall weekend and the volunteers and shoppers enjoyed the nice weather. A special THANKS to all who were involved in any way—those who donated items, those who volunteered and those who shopped.  On Saturday at clean up time a record was set, as one volunteer commented that "everything was boxed up and ready for the Salvation Army truck by 1:52—all cleaned up in just 52 minutes".  Of course, the $5 Bag at noon helped with clean up as many items were purchased and thus “cleaned up” as shoppers filled their bags.

There are still a few “special” items for sale.  There is a six foot high

upright Frigidaire freezer that was offered for $100 (now half price $50), a twin adjustable bed with a nice wooden frame and mattress, and 4 electric recliner chairs (no pulling on the arm to raise a foot rest, etc). In particular the chairs might be needed by those who couldn’t walk over to shop. 

Please contact Marcia Schoonaert (317-840-8581)

if you might be interested in one of them for $50.

Thanks again to all. 

The Flea Market is a fun community event that benefits many.      



SEPTEMBER 27, 28, & 29


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