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Greetings to friends and neighbors,

As the Village Voyagers’ trip to Lexington, Berea and Asheville is approaching on April 23-26, we are needing to get down to details and commitments for rooms needed at the Biltmore Hotel.  The hotel is asking for the number of rooms required by March 10th.  Please contact me (Ruth Ann MacPherson) if you are even thinking about going - or 317-750-7458.

We thought we were doing so well with 24 persons signed up at this time, but our travel agent, Lew White, has informed us that we need a few more persons for the trip to happen. So we are putting out a final request hoping to get a few more. If you’ve been thinking about it and thought you had more time to decide, please consider it now and sign up. Or think about it and maybe say, “Sure, why not!”  It’s a good way to get better acquainted with other residents. Friends and family are welcome also.  Deadline for signing up is now March 9th.

It is a good trip. The February issue of The Villager had an article with a lot of details (see attached).   A new interesting addition is that some students at Berea College will join us for dinner at the Boone Tavern with one student at each table of ten. It should add a refreshing twist to our conversations. 

Travel on the bus should be very comfortable as we are taking a 36-passenger bus. It is the same size as a 52 or 56-passenger, but only 36 seats with a lot more leg room, wide leather seats with cup holders between the seats. Two seats on one side of the aisle and only one on the other!!  Sounds great, doesn’t it?   

Both the itinerary and the article with details from the February issue of The Villager are attached. 

Blessings to all, 
Ruth Ann MacPherson

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