Dementia Resources

Terra Vista is your community's dementia care resource.  We offer a variety of complimentary support services to help create awareness of Alzheimer's as well as educate others.  Sign up on our website to join our mailing list for educational and supportive event invitations.   






Private consultations are offered to individuals or families in the community, who are living with dementia and wish to learn more about the diagnosis or who may have questions they are not comfortable discussing in a group.  The consultations are personalized to the issues and concerns addressed by the individual or family and can be modified to a time frame that works best for them. As a community resource, we have helped families learn how to use communication techniques or respond to challenging and often repetitive behaviors.  We teach about the progression of the disease and what to expect as well as offer support and guidance as needs change.  


Samantha H. came to us looking for help when she was struggling with her father’s change in behavior. Her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years before, and her mother cared for him in their home until she passed.   Samantha took over the responsibilities and had been caring for him for almost two years.  

Lately, he had become argumentative and anxious.  She was finding it harder to manage these behavior changes and needed help.  We sat down with both Samantha and her father, both separately and together, and learned more about his life story, likes, dislikes, etc...We explained to Samantha that what her father was experiencing was common and known as ‘“sundowning”.

We also worked with her to find something to help ease the anxiety when it occurred. For her father, it turned out to be about baseball, more precisely, the Chicago Cubs.  Whenever he became argumentative or anxious, she would ask him about the Cubs.  He would instantly relax and start reciting his favorite stories or experiences.  

His fondness for the Cubs and his memories of them were still intense and brought him relief. Samantha took it a step further and purchased some “vintage” style Cubs items and also recorded Cubs games to play for him during the winter months.  Samantha was visibly relieved by the reactions she got from something so simple.  


Group presentations are offered on and off-site to both community members and/or health professionals. We provide a variety of topics specifically addressing Alzheimer’s and dementia related issues. Presentations have been made to entities such as  physician offices, health-care groups, religious organizations, senior advocates and local community members.  

Educational seminars can be modified accordingly, depending on the audience.  All topics are Alzheimer’s related and range from dementia basics to living a brain healthy lifestyle.  We have presented to professional organizations such as the former Leading Age Illinois, both the Illinois and Missouri State Pioneer Coalition Summits and Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Symposium of Belleville, Illinois.  Social workers and nurses can also arrange for continued education.


Memory screenings can help with the detection of dementia and early stages of Alzheimer’s.  We believe early detection is the key to optimizing the best health care plan to extend quality of life.  We provide short complimentary and confidential screenings by a registered nurse.  Scheduling an appointment in advance with one of our trained professionals is encouraged. A report of results is provided to the individual to take to his or her primary care provider.


Care Coaching Center -  As part of our commitment to being a community resource for dementia care, research, and training, Terra Vista has a designated Care Coaching Center.  Although it is used to train all members of our staff in dementia care, it can also be used to host seminars, CEU courses, presentations, roundtable discussions, and more. The training center is available to groups and organizations within the local community.  We believe that working together builds a stronger community and thus more substantial support for families.