Wellness Blog

October 2017

4 Functional Exercises to Improve Daily Movements

By: Gary Wells - Wellness Specialist


September 2017

10 Super Herbs: How to Use for Cooking & Healing

By: Minyette Burke- Wellness Specialist


August 2017

Yoga for Seniors- 4 Variations of Downward Dog

By: Minyette Burke- Wellness Specialist


June 2017

4 Ways Today's Active Seniors Are Making Exercise Fun

By: Jasmine Young - Wellness Specialist


May 2017

An Exercise Guide to Keep You Fit While You Sit

By: Amy Brunner - Wellness Services Manager


April 2017

The Easiest Ways to Exercise and Stay Healthy While Traveling

 By: Emily Cole - Wellness Coordinator


February 2017

Learn How to Jump into the Latest Exercise Trend -Aquatic Yoga

By: Minyette Burke - Wellness Specialist


January 2017

Six Wellness Tips for the New Year

By: Twin Towers Connection Staff 

The Football Workout for Spirited Fans

By: Amy Brunner - Wellness Services Manager


December 2016

Breathe Easy This Holiday Season

By: Minyette Burke & Melissa Frampton - Wellness Specialist's


June 2016

Aquatic Pilates for Senior Wellness 

By: Melissa Frampton - Wellness Specialist


May 2016

Stretching for Balance and Coordination   

By: Morgan Bostic - Wellness Specialist


April 2016

4 Aquatic Exercises That Get Results 

By: Amy Brunner- Wellness Services Manager