Dining Allowance 101

Dining Allowance 101


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By complying with the following procedures, all Residents are afforded more efficient and quicker service:

  • Enter the La Terraza and Sur Dining Rooms only through the entrance located near the host stand.
  • Wait for the host to check you in before being seated.
  • In the La Terraza Dining Room, the host will escort you to your table.
  • In Sur, residents normally seat themselves but new residents may wish to be seated by the host until comfortable in their new home. Residents with guests will need to sign for their guests at the host stand.


*Dining dollars cannot be transferred to other residents nor carried over from one dining dollar cycle to the next. There is no credit for meals not eaten and you cannot buy food in exchange for dining dollars.


 Meal Value Plan

The following shows a breakdown of our meal dining dollar system for residents:


Dining Dollar Value: $14


Light Lunch

(1/2 sandwich and cup of soup OR two cups of soup)

Dining Dollar Value: $7



Dining Dollar Value: $21


Sunday Noon Meal

Dining Dollar Value: $21 


Special Event Holiday

Dining Dollar Value: Based on Event


 Guest Dining

 Your guests are always welcome to dine with you at Casa. Please ensure your guests (including small children) follow the dress code and rules of the Dining Rooms. They must be accompanied by a resident. 


You may apply your cash value for guest meals at the same cash value rate except on Sundays, holidays, and special events or for premium items.


Children Dining

Children's guest meal charge in Sur Dining Room and La Terraza Prix Fixe meal:

 3 and under:


4 to 12 years old:

1/2 meal value equivalent

13 & over:

Full price


*On Holidays, children's meals will be based on 1/2 the assigned cost for the guest meal.


Children's meals in the Bistro and La Terraza a la carte menu are at actual cost.