Dining Services Announcements


A note from Dining Services

 As discussed at the last Resident Association Meeting, the issue of residents treating other residents to meals using their own remaining dining dollars has been reviewed with the Executive Council, Dining Committee and Finance Committee. The resident contract and the resident handbook (p. 18) state that “dining dollars cannot be transferred to other residents...”. Each committee agreed that purchasing another resident’s meal is a form of transferring dining dollars to another resident.  This used to happen on occasion but is becoming an ever-increasing request and we need to ensure we are following our policy.

Our full compliance with the policy will be in effect as of Saturday, February 16.

Residents always have the ability to treat a resident friend to a meal or purchase additional meals at cash value.

If you have any concerns, please contact a Dining Manager, Administration or a Council Member.

Thank you for your understanding.


An Update from Dave Taylor Director of Food and Beverage

We saw, as a dining services department many new changes in 2018 that will help steer us into the New Year, as well as give us a roadmap of where we want to improve in the coming 12 months: 

The Sur remodel was completed in September.

A new Food and Beverage Director was hired in September as well.

Keith Weber, our Assistant Food and Beverage Director, moved on to a new opportunity in November.

Some goals for 2019 in the Dining Services department include:

Hiring a new Assistant Food and Beverage Director.

Revamping our menus for all the venues in the community.

Give the residents more opportunities to interact with the department via food forums, etc.

I want to give special thanks to the staff in the department that help us continue to serve you, the residents, on a daily basis. To Amy Jellison, our dietitian, as well as Flor Fitzpatrick, our dietary manager, who keep the Health Center performing at a very high level. To Chef Stephen, Joey, and Jeff, for continuing to produce and direct all the food served throughout the community along with the production team. To Jorge Ortuna, our dining room/catering manager, for overseeing the details of the operation and making certain that the residents are taken care of in the best way possible. To Isabel, Randall, Andrew, and Chris for all that they do in leading the dining rooms and caring for the needs of our residents on a daily basis. To the Bistro crew who are too numerous to individually name, for handling all the intricacies of the operation, including La Tienda.

Here’s to a great New Year. Dave T.