Personal Health Button

A Personal Health Button (PHB) is provided to every resident in Independent living. The PHB should be worn at all times, it is the quickest way to summons help in an emergency.

You should push the push the button in the event of a fall, a medical emergency or if you witness an unusual or dangerous situation.

The PHB reports your name and location to security and nursing staff, both will respond to your location.

The PHB was designed for inside the building and will not work outside or off campus.

If you are outside you should call 911 for emergency assistance.

There are a few places in the building where the PHB will not work, they are:

Public Restrooms, the Health Care Center, the pool and locker rooms and the four guest rooms.

If you are in one of these locations you have to call the front desk (Ext 400) or call 911

If you call 911 please push your PHB or call the desk.