Resident Features


If you had asked Clare resident Jim Stack years ago how he might fill his time during retirement, drawing most certainly would not have topped his list. Even so, as he contemplated what his retirement might entail, he couldn’t help but consider art. This curiosity led him to explore portrait drawing, sculpting and photography—all without an art background:


Sixty-five years after deployment, Clare resident Bob Spieler received the recognition he has lacked for his two years of service during the Korean War. On May 10, he took his Honor Flight, an all-expenses-paid visit to Washington, D.C. for a day of honor, remembrance and celebration:


For 72 years, Clare resident Gertrude “Trudy” Mack’s world has revolved around social work. Now, at the age of 97, Trudy has received recognition for her long-standing career in the form of the Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work's Damen Award. On June 9, Trudy, along with 27 family members and her former boss, celebrated the achievement at Loyola’s Founders’ Dinner: