Memory Mondays


Researchers often discuss various health risk factors that result in Alzheimer's disease. But there are many health conditions that stem from Alzheimer's disease, as well, and they're important to be aware of to avoid any complications:


There are many reasons you may be feeling forgetful. But there’s one critical factor that plays a major role in your brain health: your diet. Strengthen your memory by adding berries, walnuts and more to your diet:


In recent years, researchers have focused on the ways certain behavioral changes may act as early warnings signs for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia:


Understand how Alzheimer's disease progresses from early to late stages so that it can be detected as early as possible:


Explore a recent trend in memory care: sensory rooms. The Alzheimer's Association revealed some tips to create a space where those with dementia can stimulate the five senses:


Communicating with loved ones who have dementia is undoubtedly a difficult endeavor, but new research suggests that practice makes perfect:


The most recent facts and figures released by the Alzheimer's Association for 2017 paint a picture of the disease and what it means for our society, today and in the future. Here’s what you need to know:


Want to reduce your risk of cognitive decline? Give your brain some TLC with these lifestyle habits recommended by the Alzheimer's Association:


What is "pink noise," and how does it affect your sleep and memory?