What is the Bulletin Board?

We have had a number of requests to have a Bulletin Board where residents can post questions, extra tickets that they have, or for a variety of options etc.

If you have something that you would like to post, simply email the information to Kourtney Liepelt at kliepelt@theclare.com Please include what you would like to post (details as needed), if it is time sensitive, and how to reach you.  I will post the information under this tab.  If I have questions, I will let you know. 

Please note that the post will be up as soon as possible but there may be time constraints. My goal would be to send a return email to let you know that it has been posted. Since this is a new option for Odyssey, we appreciate your patience. 

Please contact me with any questions Kourtney Liepelt at kliepelt@theclare.com or 312.784.8185