The Heritage Clinic

At The Heritage Clinic, we believe providing quality care starts with compassion and a patient focused approach.  Our board-certified medical professional will listen to your needs, conduct a thorough examination, and provide individual diagnoses and treatment plans, including prescriptions if you need them.  We can provide a wide range of healthcare services including cold/flu like symptoms, skin conditions, blood work, TB skin tests, X-rays, flu and pneumonia vaccines, B12 injections, ear wax removal, allergies, fever, and minor injuries.  

Williamson Medical Center comes to the clinic on Monday & Thursday at 9:00 am for lab work. You must have a current order directing what labs need to be drawn, as well as a diagnosis code written on the order. 

All results will be sent to the ordering physician or Coumadin Clinic  (as indicated on the order). If a Heritage resident’s Doctor would like to fax an order for labs to be done fax: (615) 564-4891*If a Monday happens to fall on a Holiday, then the lab is closed and will come only on Thursday of that week.

For more information call the Director of Residential Health Services
at 615-564-4900 extension 44922.

More Information: 

Dr. Paula Dunn, MD
Rupa Grummon, NP

Monday – Friday |  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fax 615-564-4892

         Dr. Paula Dunn, MD        

Paula Dunn is a native of Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University. After graduation, she worked as a family medicine practitioner outside of Baton Rouge.  Dr. Dunn later moved to Atlanta, GA with her family, and they relocated to Nashville in 2006.  In addition to her clinic hours at The Heritage at Brentwood and rounds at Somerfield Health Center, Dr. Dunn sees patients at her office in the Williamson Tower adjacent to Williamson Medical Center.

Rupa Grummon, NP

Rupa Grummon, NP, was born in Delhi, India and raised in Singapore. After moving to Ohio in 1999, she earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and dual master's degrees in adult and geriatric nursing from Case Western Reserve University.  As a board-certified nurse practitioner, Rupa has provided care in internal medicine at skilled nursing facilities and in cardiology at the Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute.