Headline News

To ensure all our residents a safe and happy holiday season, please adhere to the following guidelines when decorating for the holidays:

  • Purchase artificial Christmas trees only. Live trees are not permitted in the building. You may place a live tree on your patio.
  • Artificial wreaths may be placed on your residence door and in your residence. Please use a plastic wreath hanger, fish line, or suction cup to mount wreaths. Live wreaths are not allowed in the Health Center. If you receive a live wreath as a gift, you may hang it on the outside of your patio, balcony door.
  • Live green arrangements on tables, etc., should be placed in water. Please do not place lights on any indoor live green arrangements.


Television Guide Update

The Zap 2 It television guide service has upgraded their service and made a few changes.  To access the television guide, please use or follow the following link and then choose zip 06426 and Essex Meadows television as your service provider.