Ironwood Lounge

Menu items available in the Ironwood Lounge

will be limited to the Ironwood Lounge bar menu only.

Previously, nightly specials sold in Palo Verde were also available in the Ironwood lounge.

However, this has become problematic at times in that specials have been “sold out” and have not been available for those dining at later times in Palo Verde.

The dinner counts in this area have also far surpassed what was anticipated in this area making service to bar patrons and drink delivery to the dining room difficult.  May 21, 2019




Saturday Buffets, 5p - 7p, while food remains

menus included in weekly specials

Full glass of wine is 8 oz; half glass is 4 oz

5p - 7p

casual dress

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Saturday Night Buffets in Ironwood Lounge

5:00 - 7:00  (as long as food lasts)

Casual dress


June 22, 2019
Classic Lasgana
Chicken Francese ls